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Find Epic things to do in Africa

Book unique tours and find things to do in Accra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg hosted by Artists, Chefs, Musicians, and Creative Entrepreneurs

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Our top picks for must do experiences in Accra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. From a nightlife crawl with a radio host to learning to make jollof rice with a celebrity chef each experience is hosted by a creative entrepreneur who is an expert in their craft

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Choose from day tours and events you can do solo or with friends, or signup for a group trip to meet someone new.
Not ready to travel yet? Our city guides and stories give you insider access to what's poppin in Africa now.


Not your average day tour. Explore African cities with our community of local insiders. choose more than one and build your own trip.


Seven to 10 day small group trips, crafted from our most popular popular experiences. We'll handle the planning from start to finish.

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Real time tips and info on restaurants, hotels, nightlife, people to watch and things to do. Our recommendations are tried and tested by our team.

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Join a fully curated small group trip. Most itineraries last 7-10 days and include a four star hotel, carefully curated dining, and exclusive tours and experiences.

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Live Your Best Life

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Meet An Experience Curator

A Tastemakers Experience Curator is a creative entrepreneur sharing their world with you. From artists, to chefs, to DJ's, and adventurists they represent a cross-section of the people making African destinations amazing places to visit and call home.

Explore Destinations in Africa and Beyond

Book an experience with a local in Accra, Cape Town, or Johannesburg. Each curator is handcrafted for their inside knowledge and connections in the city. You can be sure that every experience is tried and tested by the team and is something you can't find anywhere else.

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