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Africa Unlocked

Tastemakers Africa is connecting the continent and the black diaspora. Through virtual events, a global membership, and curated travel experiences - this is where we “see” each other.

The Thread

Africa and the diaspora come together monthly for “Conversations Beyond the Return”. From artists to entrepreneurs, scientists to entertainers - each session is a masterclass on living your best life with “the culture” at the center.
Nana Kwabena, Walshy Fire, Tuma Basa, and Tiwaworks dive deep into the state of the music industry in the COVID-era and the opportunities for black artists at this time.

The Power of Music to Heal Us | Vol. 2

Charles Hudson, Afua Osei, Chid Liberty, and Ivan Alo give investor perspective on the funding climate for entrepreneurs amidst a global pandemic.

From Wakanda to Reality, Funding Black Innovation | Vol. 2

Niama Sandy, Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon, Dash Harris, and Elle Williams join moderator Risikat Okedeyi for a conversation on activism, identity, and how to see and dismantle the oppression around us.

Dislodging Internalized White Supremacy | Vol. 5

Opal Tometi, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and Adama Traore, founder of the Committee for Adama join a fireside chat with Cheraé Robinson

Black Solidarity: A Fireside Chat | Vol. 4

Tastemakers is a dynamic community and experiences platform that centers Africa in our future.


Exclusive Virtual Experiences
Weekly Workshops + Conversations
Global Pan-African Network
Values-Aligned Community
Matchmaking + Collaboration
Curated Group Trips to Africa

People of African descent have had a phenomenal impact on the world. From artists to inventors, activists and entrepreneurs, our shared ancestry forms the baseline of who we are.

Tapping into this thread opens up incredible possibilities.

Let’s build the future our ancestors knew we could

From Brooklyn to Brazzavile, Brazil to Brixton, meet your folk, connect to the source, explore the world, and leave a legacy they’d be proud of.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved.

Our monthly-ish summit is the most inspiring thing on the internet gathering Africa and the diaspora
Take the vibes next level and accelerate your dreams with exclusive ways to go deeper and connect.
TRAVEL AFRICA (eventually)
When the Rona lets up - we outside! Make new friends, get immersed, and create lifelong memories.

“Tastemakers Africa is the epitome of our ancestors wildest dreams, from the people I meet to each experience I have - it’s phenomenal how connected and inspired I am”

Join a group trip to Africa

Our ultra-curated trips give you an insider’s take on the continent. Packed with authentic experiences and like-minded folks, your 4-star hotel, locally-led tours, transport, VIP nightlife, and planning are on us.

New homies are a bonus.

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Our renaissance is rooted in our ancestral connections to Africa and powered by our dynamic experiences all over the world. Making this a reality requires curation, intentionality, and you
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