Our Commitment To The Best Experience In Africa…Period.


Tastemakers Africa just turned two!

We began the year with an announcement that changes were in the works. From adding new staff to pivoting our business model we’re excited about all the ways we’re working to provide the best travel experiences in Africa…period.

We’ve combined former traveler feedback with examples set by the best-in-class travel companies to retool our customer experience. We want to share that we are implementing the following major adjustments:

Building the Tastemakers Africa Team with an emphasis on infrastructure and operations.

In January 2017, we brought on a Chief Operating Officer with years of experience in developing systems, checks, and balances to help organizations run effectively.

In February 2017, we are launching our first internship program, bringing on 8 dynamic, multi-talented people with several focusing on customer experience delivery both on Tastemakers Tours and TSTMKRS mobile app experiences.

Beginning in March 2017, we will be adding country leadership in our focus destinations: Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. Later in the year we will build on this leadership by adding Morocco, Senegal, and Nigeria to our continental infrastructure. This localized model will allow us to have constant presence in our destinations and build deeper relationships that lead to the ultimate customer experience. If you know amazingly talented people in any of these locales, please send them our way!

Provide a concise and clear itinerary policy and refund statement on Tastemakers Africa’s official website.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to have an epic experience with Tastemakers Africa. By making our policies super clear on our website we can help you focus on having the time of your life and let us handle the coordination. We place communication with travelers first and can guarantee that any changes to trip itinerary will be at equal or greater value to what’s advertised.

Strengthen training efforts and vetting experience providers.

Alongside our commitment to travelers, we have doubled down on a commitment to our suppliers. We are in the process of building an experience training and on boarding program to ensure that all vendors adhere to our standards, values, and beliefs and that we are equipping our suppliers with the tools they need for success. Also we affirm a commitment to never expose travelers to an experience on a tour that we ourselves haven’t done.

Launch a customer experience team.

We are committed to each and every customer and are building a world class team dedicated to customer experience at every level. Our initial steps focus on group trips but over the course of the next 6 months, our team will continue to expand to support the TSTMKRS mobile app user experience, corporate concierge service, and partnerships.

Improving payment and finance systems.

Working in countries with currency fluctuations and various banking systems is a challenge both in terms of pricing and payments. We are in the process in examining our systems for processing payments and are committed to finding a sustainable solution by February 2017.

We realize that there’s always a learning curve as a growing business, and we appreciate you growing with us as we refine how we operate and communicate throughout Africa. Here, we assure you, Tastemakers Africa’s commitment and enthusiasm for the continent has not wavered. Our ideal is to give the best travel experience you can find in Africa at the standard and delivery of the best travel brands in the world. Our promise is to make unremitting efforts to achieve this goal.

We hope that this clear plan of action illustrates our commitment to excellence.

We want you to know that value your business, your time and are always grateful for support. If you or someone in your network is interested in joining the team in some capacity I invite you to send me a note directly with a proposal on how you can help us move the needle forward.

Let’s build together.
Cheraé Robinson

Founder + CEO, Tastemakers Africa

Tastemakers Africa Staff

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