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Thanks for choosing Tastemakers Africa!
To get ready, we’ll need you to check the following items off your to-do list:

1. Decide on your offer.
Tastemakers Africa offers exclusive, insider experiences for travelers in Africa. Working with our team, you decide on an extra special, “tastemakers” experience to offer on the platform and set your own price.

Here are some ideas:

  • Restaurants: An entree and a bonus cocktail.
  • Bars and nightclubs:  VIP access and a glass of champagne.  
  • Galleries and Boutiques: An after hours tour.
  • Hotels: A 10% discount or free spa service 
  • Tour Operators: A special gift or bonus beer stop.

We work together to set something attractive to jet-setting millenials and beneficial to your business.

2. Sign your contract.
Once you’ve decided what you’d like to offer on the platform, we’ve got to iron out the details. Our contract is simple and we put our customers (yours and ours) first. This just makes things easy on everyone.

3. Send us your details.
Tastemakers Africa will send you a monthly update with the names and voucher numbers of all users who have purchased your offer on the app. Once a user redeems your offer with you, we’ll get a signal that it’s time for you to get paid! Each month you will receive a direct deposit for all vouchers redeemed that month. We’ll need your SWIFT code, banking information, and one point of contact to make sure this happens smoothly. We use STRIPE to process payments which covers us globally and keeps us all in good shape with regulators. 🙂

Millenials are the future of travel in Africa but it takes something special to catch their eye. Our Merchant Engagement Coordinator (MEC) will help you look your best and be your main point of contact at Tastemakers Africa. They’ll also manage creation of your listing copy and images.

1. We send you a Welcome Email.
This gets the process going.

2. Review your mockup and send us any corrections.
Keep an eye on your email for your listing on the app and tastemakersafrica.com mockup. Take a look and review it for factual accuracy. Send these over and we’ll incoporate any changes where we can.

3. Your listing goes live!
Once we get your final approval, we make your listing go live. We’ll do a write-up of your place on our website and travelers (and locals) will be able to book an experience with you up to 2 hours before they plan to use the voucher.

Preparing your business.
Every person who sees your listing—whether they buy a voucher, call your store, or visit your website—is a potential long-term customer. They may live in your city, or just be visiting. Either way, it’s important for them to have a good time

When will I see customers?
Tastemakers is a new concept, for Africa and the world. We expect that it might take some time before you see your first purchase, or it may happen the day your listing goes live. We’ll be monitoring this closely and as momentum builds for the platform we’ll be promoting your business every step of the way.

Things To Do To Get Ready

*Train your staff.
It’s going to take all of us to help the world see Africa as a stylish, fun destination and customer service is key to a great experience. You’ll need to make sure everyone who might interact with a customer knows you’re on the Tastemakers Africa platform and knows how it works. Show your staff how easily they can redeem vouchers and talk through any fine print conditions with them. We’re here to help, we offer customer experience training in-person and online. Just email merchants@tastemakersafrica.com and we’ll sort out the best way to support you.

* Prepare to upsell.
Most Tastemakers Africa users are travelers or have high income levels. Ultimately, they’re looking for a good time. Don’t forget to ask them if they’d like another cocktail, an extra hour of spa treatment, or an upgrade to VIP.

* Update your website and social media pages.
Tastmakers is an innovative digital platform and we build online marketing into your perks as a merchant we’ve selected. Your listing will include links to your website and social media so be sure they’re up to date and ready for questions. Don’t have one? We offer a concierge service to merchants who would like our help in establishing their online brand – just let your MEC know.

Congratulations! Someone thinks you’re a must do.

Let’s make sure they have a seamless experience and tell the world.

Your MEC is going to make sure you get information about your campaign and its performance. Take special care of your new customers, they’re influencers in their own right and you want to be sure they share with their friends and family.

Things To Do Now

1. Redeem vouchers.
Guests will arrive with their smartphones in hand, ready to redeem their vouchers. Your MEC will send you a monthly email with a listing of all purchases, voucher numbers, reviews, and confirmation of your direct deposit. This is the best way to generate feedback from your customers, track ROI of your listing, and protect yourself from fraud.

2. Monitor and respond to feedback.
We send a survey to every customer who’s voucher you redeem. You’ll easily be able to view that feedback and work with your MEC to respond directly to your customers.

3. Track your ROI
Tastemakers Africa is just getting off the ground but we want to be sure our merchants see the value of using the platform. We’ll help you establish a baseline of your current website traffic, social media followers, and sales. Then we’ll monitor these and include them in our monthly report to you.

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