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When we look forward a few decades from now, we see a world where we have built incredible things together, are connecting in Africa and around the world, and represent a fundamental shift in the way blackness looks, feels, and moves in every space we’re present.

A Sneak Peek Into Membership

Membership Fees Build Future Travel Credit
Each month your member fees help you earn credits you can use for travel on the continent. You can apply this to Tastemakers Group Trips, day tours and experiences.
24/7 Access to a True Global Network
Members span the continent and the diaspora all over the world. Instantly access perspective, opportunities, collaborators, and like-minded travelers and friends.
Exclusive Weekly Experiences
FREE access to curated virtual events bringing together some of the most dynamic people in our global community from tech to investment to art, culture, and more.
Matchmaking (But not bae)
We take care to understand who our members are and find ways to help you along. From “intros” to interest-specific meetups, we got you on taking the first step to connect.
Co-Creation + Ideation Pods
Sometimes you need support on launching that new thing, planning a trip, or geeking out on something you’re passionate about. We create the space - in a diasporadical way.
The Residency
Exchange ideas, information, and experiences with fellow members through the Tastemakers Residency. Open to 4-6 members each month, the residency is a platform to support exploration, interaction, and reflection around work and purpose. Residencies take place in member homes in Bahia, Brazil, Cape Town, South Africa, and Accra, Ghana.

“Tastemakers Africa is the epitome of our ancestors wildest dreams, from the people I meet to each experience I have - it’s phenomenal how connected and inspired I am”


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By becoming a member today, get in on the ground floor of a seismic shift in how we connect to each other and to ourselves.

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