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Your digital community for culture, insights, and opportunities in Africa and beyond.

This space is designed for you to activate. Move from curiosity about what’s happening across the continent to making it happen with weekly workshops on building your legacy, artist talks, intimate sharing spaces for conversation, and a thriving community representing blackness across the world and committed to centering Africa in our future.

Bring Your Whole Self

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Peep our past events with groundbreaking business minds, cultural luminaries, and icons
Jidenna Mobbisson
The Thread Creating New Ways of Existing
Zana Masombuka
Becoming The Ndebele Superhero Artist Talk

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Juliana Luna
Brazilian Yoruba Cosmology Workshop
Kweku Essien
Legacy Series: Real Estate Investment in Ghana

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Niama Sandy
Black Is King Rooftop Watch
Joshua Kissi
The Thread Vol 5
Dancegod Lloyd
Black Is King Artist Talk

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Thogori Karago
How to build a $1B in Africa

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You Are Found Here

Welcome to the digital membership club designed for black people to exist in multitudes

We find ourselves here.

A time 400+ years in the making.

The intersection of global cultural revolutions and the intense desire to move to a deeper knowing of ourselves.

We can no longer wait to bridge the divide. In a world that does not center everyone equally, it is incumbent upon us to make our own way.

Our spiritual, economic, and cultural might is intertwined and embedded everywhere this ancestral thread has found itself and made “home”.

We have powerful tools at our fingertips. We can move from difference as distance towards diversity as divine cheat code for progress.

Each one of us is valid. Every one of us holds a key.

It is time to bring together our community and build a new reality.

We are everywhere. Our time is now.

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for access to curated experiences, videos, collaborative docs, library, resources and community.

“I was looking for something more than an two year old article on the internet. I wanted to connect to what’s current in Africa and I wanted to build with people directly. This community does that for me and I am learning and growing every day.”

Here’s what you get

Curated Virtual Experiences
Our connections span the continent and the world - from things that get you on your feet to conversations that speak to your sould. These aren’t your average Zoom calls.
A Distinctly Global Network
We can’t truly leverage our power without broadening our reach. We have members from nearly 20 countries and we’re only at the beginning. As a founding member tap into your global well.
Values-Aligned Community
Centering the continent in our future is the baseline, but the membership is so much more. Join forces with people pushing boundaries and oozing excellence all while bridging the gap IRL.
Intentional Matchmaking
We get to know our members so that we can connect you to the people you need most from creative collaborators to happy hours and meet and greets, we help you leverage the goodness.
Packed Calendar of Weekly Events
From Pre-Colonial Spirituality, to an Afro-Centric French Language Course, to our Legacy Series on Real Estate Investing in Ghana and more - you’ll find no shortage of things to inspire you.
Discounts on Epic Travel Experiences
Membership means access to exclusive Tastemakers Trips and Travel Experiences. You'll have travel credits in your account and chances to join member-only trips, retreats, and experiences.
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Artist Talk
"Becoming The Ndebele Superhero"
Zana Masombuka