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Year of Return Travel Writing Competition 2019


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Aug 23, 2019
This is the Year of Return and the continent is buzzing. Come, let us celebrate it with some creativity imagining the most epic, life changing trip to Africa ever for a travel writing competition.

Prize Money: $500 (USD)

This is the Year of Return and some of you may be wondering why we'd be celebrating such a somber moment - 400 years ago the first ship carrying enslaved Africans to America arrived in Jamestown, Virginia. The reality is, we're not celebrating what happened, we're celebrating the resilience of those people and the black excellence created from their sacrifice. For us, The Year of Return is a call to action, to create a new path back to Africa that pools the intellectual and social capital of the diaspora and those living on the continent and forms an unbreakable bond towards prosperity for people of African descent around the world. It is on these principles that Tastemakers Africa was founded and we believe that many of you in our community share this passion and desire. With this in mind, we're excited to announce a writing competition that allows you to imagine a trip in Africa that manifests this mission. 

To celebrate the Year of Return in Ghana, we are calling on travel writers interested in the rise of Africa and building a bridge between the continent and its diaspora. We want you to help tell a beautiful story of a time you spent in any African country as a visitor using the content, experiences, and destinations listed on the tastemakers website as your resource/guide to touring any country in Africa.

Details & How to submit

  • You can publish the content on any site - your blog, a friend’s blog, or any media publication. But the site has to have been in existence for more than 1 year.
  • Reference any destination or experiences visited in your story on the tastemakers website.
  • Submit your story here when done.
  • The best posts will be republished on our blog.
  • This competition will end on the 3rd of November and a winner will be announced before the 25th of November
  • List this article as the source of the competition in your post
  • The prize money for the winner is $500

We will assess for the best story based on your ability to tell a beautiful story about exploring Africa through the experiences and African content curated on our platform.

It is important you focus on readability, but there is no word count restrictions. We want you to dwell on the experience of being in Africa and help us see how well we have curated a comprehensive resource that helps you have the best of times while traveling in Africa.
If you need more information, email hello@tastemakersafrica.com

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