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Thread Replay: Let's Define Freedom


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Aug 10, 2020
Thread Replay: Let's Define Freedom | Live Session from #TheThread by Tastemakers Africa

Zim Flores, Benjamin Fernandes, Carmen Rodgers, Donnya Piggett sit down with Cheraé Robinson to discuss what freedom means for ourselves and our communities.

With Independence Day in the US behind us, the idea of "freedom" is something that means many things to many people. In the most literal sense it addresses movement but more broadly how are we choosing to live (with an emphasis on choice), who are we choosing to be, and how are we making space for the whole?

Presented by Tastemakers Africa, The Thread | Conversations Beyond The Return is a monthly-ish series of conversations unpacking the potential for Pan-Africanism in a post-"Year of Return" moment for the culture. Since its inception as an in-person event in Washington, DC The Thread has gone virtual reaching nearly 7,000 people from 50+ countries. On July 5th, 2020, The Thread Volume V Vol. 5 took us inside, kicking off conversations of healing within our community and then turning to solutions that question the system in the west that we've adopted as truth. 

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