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Thread Replay: Fireside Chat: Black August


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Black August
Aug 25, 2020
Thread Replay: Fireside Chat: Black August | Live Session from #TheThread by Tastemakers Africa

Cheraé sits with Russell Shoatz III and Autumn Marie from Malcolm X Grassroots movement to discuss how we can all learn from and uphold the ideals of revolution and resistance.

We celebrate Black August to honor and hold up resilience and revolution. What began in the 1970's to mark the assassination of the imprisoned Black Panther, author, and revolutionary George Jackson has evolved as a way to honor the rich history of Black resistance from the Haitian Revolution to the Watts rebellion and the Ferguson uprising. Black August is a reminder of power in unity, and a mandate to continue joint struggle. This opening fireside chat explores this opportunity with leaders from around the world.

Presented by Tastemakers Africa, The Thread | Conversations Beyond The Return is a monthly-ish series of conversations unpacking the potential for Pan-Africanism in a post-"Year of Return" moment for the culture. Since its inception as an in-person event in Washington, DC The Thread has gone virtual reaching nearly 7,000 people from 50+ countries. On August 23rd, 2020, The Thread Volume 6 brought us conversations focused on Black August. 

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