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Thread Replay: Entitled Short Film + Discussion (ft. OAFF)


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Film Screening
Aug 10, 2020
Thread Replay: Entitled Short Film + Discussion (ft. OAFF) | Live Session from #TheThread by Tastemakers Africa

The founder of the Online African Film Festival (OAFF), Jean Fall, and Cheraé Robinson discuss a featured short film and introduces OAFF's plan to bring African film to the world.

Presented by Tastemakers Africa, The Thread | Conversations Beyond The Return is a monthly-ish series of conversations unpacking the potential for Pan-Africanism in a post-"Year of Return" moment for the culture. Since its inception as an in-person event in Washington, DC The Thread has gone virtual reaching nearly 7,000 people from 50+ countries. On July 5th, 2020, The Thread Volume V Vol. 5 took us inside, kicking off conversations of healing within our community and then turning to solutions that question the system in the west that we've adopted as truth. 

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