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Reviews of Elmina Castle, Where History Meets Awe


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Sep 01, 2019
Elmina Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, preserves the cultural heritage of the people in the region, as well as the history of slavery.


Elmina Castle is in Elmina, Ghana.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for Elmina Castle is based on the type of visitor:

For Foreigners: 

  • Adults - GH¢ 40 

  • Students - GH¢ 30

  • Children -GH¢ 5

For Ghanaians:

  • Adults -GH¢ 5

  • Students - GH¢ 2 - 3

  • Children - GH¢ 1 

Opening Hours: 

Elmina Castle is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm every day.

Elmina Castle (a.k.a St. George’s Castle) was built in 1482 and is the oldest European building in sub-Saharan Africa. Originally established as a trading post, it became a slave dungeon during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Elmina Castle tour, a pilgrimage recommended by Steve Harvey, allows visitors absorb the history and culture of the people in the region, including the Asantes pre- the slavery era, as well as the dungeons and the relics of the slave trade.   

The scenic views of the surrounding Atlantic ocean provide a stark contrast to the horrors that happened in the dungeons. Visitors are treated to the history and awe surrounding this historical relic.

How To Get To Elmina Castle? 

Elmina castle can be easily accessed by car. As the castle is in the port town of Elmina, going through boat ride could be a fun, especially if you’d be doing the tour of Cape Coast Castle

Know Before You Go

  • It may be an emotional tour, however, the outdoor would rejuvenate you

  • It’s best to go with local currency

  • There’s a bookstore and gift shop for souvenirs of your trip

  • Bring your cameras, there’ll be a lot to capture.

What Previous Visitors Have Said About Elmina Castle

“This was real pain I felt going back to Ghana’s slave castles… I could feel my ancestors on me… Powerful beyond words that I can explain. I encourage as many of you as possible to go HOME for your ancestors. Their strength is in each of us and we must honor their ultimate sacrifice in all that we do.” - Steve Harvey.

"One of the places you must visit if you are in Ghana. They have great local guides tell you the story of the place and walk you through." - Mohamed Tawfik, Google Local Guide

Image: @cehi_pomie

"Incredible History here. It's chilling. Tour guides were so appropriate in their demeanor and spoke eloquently and clear. It was a never to forget trip. Would recommend 100%" - Abbi Duah, Google Local Guide

Image: @paticheri

"Historic place with [a] lot of knowledge. This is where the slave trade took place in Ghana. I was close to tears when I was taking to point of no return and also when we were locked up in the cell like the women were locked during the slave trade.

There is a nice canteen and bar that sells selections of alcohol. Also, there are nice gift shops that sell symbolic Ghanaian piece. The tours guide are patient as they analyze the stories appropriately.." - Olugbemiga Obafemi, Google Local Guide

"Elimina Castle is one of the most humbling places I have ever been. It is truly horrible to think of the atrocities that took place in this very castle, but it is an honor to walk through and remember those who lost so much. The tour was very well done and I feel like I gained a whole new understanding of what [it] was like for these people." - Brett Judy, Google Local Guide

Image: @mosthighculture

"It's a historical site worth seeing. It's not only about slave trading but also the architectural design of the castle was an amazing knowledge exhibited then. It will also give you a clear picture of how humans were tortured and brutalized by their fellow humans in the name of slave trading." - Pinto George, Google Local Guide

"If you love to know about the history of Ghana, then you should definitely be at Elmina Castle. The story of colonization and slavery sinks more when you are there. The bloodstains, the door of no return, the cannonballs, the church, the room the slaves were kept and the governor's place. It's a sad feeling but we are grateful that slavery is not  that evident againexpressionless face "- Elizabeth Saforo, Google Local Guide

Image: @gustavogarrido2

"A great place to learn the true history of the slave trade. Without much restoration, it gives the place a sense of depth and somberness. Tour guides are a great help to understand the many rooms and hidden treasures of knowledge. Worth the time and money spent to get to Elmina." - Philippe Jacques Kradolfer, Google Local Guide

Image: @thenotoriouskia

"Elmina Castle is a powerful emotive journey through a complex and terrible history of inhumane interactions; ironically, it is viewed through rather picturesque architecture." - Epifania Amoo-Adare, Google Local Guide

Image: @ownbyfemme

"2019 is the 400 year anniversary of the first slave ship arriving in America... To return to the “door of no return” as proof of their resilience and strength is an honor. 

And a blessing. And a beautiful reminder to keep pushing purple heart

Peace to our ancestors. Love to all of you. This was an incredible experience and an unforgettable part of my first trip to Ghana. I can’t wait to come back. Make your way to the continent in 2019! Whatever you have to do, make it happen my loves folded hands Tag your friends you want to come to Ghana with you!" - @ownbyfemme

Image: @_by_dh

"Beautiful scenery. Lovely picture background. Great story about African history. A great place to visit while in Ghana. The water view from the castle is serene." - Emana Imona, Google Local Guide

"The service at this great historical monument is amazing. Made better by the knowledgeable [jovial] tour guides who not only narrate the history of the castle but have a good grasp of knowledge beyond this building. Nestled in a bustling local town, the castle overlooks the ocean with an amazing foldable bridge that still exists from the trans-Atlantic period. As an African,  this was an important place for me to visit and to know about. I would definitely go back again." - Catherine Nyambura, Google Local Guide

Image: @muse1nspired

"Grand. Emotional. Beautiful." - Hammond Oluwole, Google Local Guide

After the emotive tour Elmina Castle, you’d find a rejuvenating experience of Lake Volta worthwhile. An exploration of the Asante Kingdom which had relations with Elmina is also highly recommended. 

For more unique experiences in Ghana, we have some suggestions, here.

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