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Reviews of Cape Coast Castle: A Historical Relic You Need To See


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Aug 29, 2019
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An important historical relic of a dark time in history. Cape Coast Castle tour has been described as emotive and liberating. It’s definitely a must-see in Ghana.


Victoria Road, Cape Coast, Ghana

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for Cape Coast Castle is based on the type of visitor:

For Foreigners: 

  • Adults - GH¢ 40

  • Students - GH¢ 30

  • Children -GH¢ 5

For Ghanaians:

  • Adults -GH¢ 5

  • Students - GH¢ 2 - 3

  • Children - GH¢ 1 

Opening Hours: 

Cape Coast Castle is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm every day.

Formerly used a trading post, Cape Coast Castle became a slave dungeon during the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Enslaved Africans were kept here before being loaded onto ships, never to return again. 

Housed within the castle is the Cape Coast Castle Museum where items used during the slavery era are displayed, and other cultural African art.

A tour of the castle has left many with mixed emotions, and an appreciation of life.

How To Get To Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle is within the Cape Coast city and can be easily accessed by car. However, if you wish to also see Elmina Castle, you can take a boat ride from here. 

A comprehensive tour of both Cape Coast and Elmina castles with special treats is also available. 

Image: @mguzzy

Know Before You Go

  • The tour can get emotional, however, there will be lightness at the end

  • There are gift shops where you can buy souvenirs

  • It’s best to come with local currency

  • The view of the Atlantic Ocean outside the castle will give you the needed serenity

What Previous Visitors Have Said About Cape Coast Castle

Image: @rankin.simon

"Taking a tour round this historical edifice was beautiful. Learned about the history of the transatlantic slave trade and Ghana. It was also interesting seeing this magnificent precolonial castle still standing." - Hammond Oluwole, Google Local Guide

"A haunting relic (albeit well preserved and maintained structurally) of the historic horrors of religious conquest and slave-trade.  Very informative tours are led at moderate pace - with some leeway for personal reflection.  Certainly a must-experience for anyone who has the chance." - Saul Bleaeck, Google Local Guide

Image: @superdalu

"We visited Cape Coast Castle which has served many purposes through the years, but its best known as the last stop for thousands of slaves before being loaded on boats bound for the new world. Originally built by Sweden in the 1650s as a trading post and changed hands various times through the centuries.

Knowing the history and the horrors of what went on here makes it an emotional place to visit.

By the end of it all, there’s a feeling of triumph. The door was called” Door of no return” and we’ve changed the narrative and now created“A door of return”

Thank you to all my ancestors raising hands "- @Simplyjaade

"5 min from anywhere in Cape Coast. Definitely should visit so much history in one small place, the guide was very interactive he made us feel part of the journey that happened here. Well maintained would take 1h to finish you can roam around after the tour for pictures as you please." - Bill Macchour, Google Local Guide

Image: @nyla.dohr

"You are a history lover or you just love adventure. Considering going to Africa and visiting interesting places for some vac, you certainly don't want to omit the Cape Coast castle." - Nana Asabir

"Definitely worth the visit. We had a great, informative tour done by a knowledgeable and friendly guide that worked at the castle. There are beautiful viewpoints, and interesting rooms to discover. It definitely exceeded my expectations for what it had to offer." - Kate Butchard, Google Local Guide

Image: @blackkidsdotravel

"Lovely place, lots of history and respect. Stories that ... gosh sleepy facesleepy facedisappointed but relieved face love the setting and art gallery and the environment.  Maintenance done in some ways, polite and well informed tour guards. I just couldn't get enough of the place. My heart was so touched. Eyes heavy and I listened to the history of my people. A must visit place. Easy to reach and friendly people all over. I love the place." - Kingsley Kweku Koomson, Google Local Guide

"Historic site, emotional trip and worth the time." - a-manan, Google Local Guide

Image: @kre8tivemind

"Visiting the Cape Coast Castle from a historic point of view was a great experience. Touching and tenebrous to an extend but great tour. Tour guides are very friendly and knowledgeable. It is kept without much maintenance giving the place a sense of antiquity and [a] certain mystique. definitely a place to meditate and ponder about the sacrifice of so many." - Philippe Jacques Kradolfer, Google Local Guide

"Rich historical background to Slavery. Just about 2hrs from Accra and you can easily locate it with the aid of Google Map. Great place to go to feel humanity, equality and inequality with a resolution to abolish or stand-up for discrimination in any form and in anywhere... Also, don't forget to get some nice souvenirs from the shops...they are lovely and affordable!" - Ashiru Bamidele, Google Local Guide

Image: @irine_

"One of the highlights of my trip was visiting Cape coast Castle and learning about the history of slavery in Africa. Physically being inside the dungeons, words can not describe the endless suffering that was endured. Cape Coast Castle is one of 40 slave castles built by European traders. After slavery was banned the castle became a museum. Not only known for its rich history of irreversible damage done on [an] entire race, It’s a Reminder of the past and guide for the future." - @irine_

"It's awe-inspiring- the history behind this place. Also, the view of the coast is beautiful." - Ebunoluwa Adedokun

After touring Cape Coast Castle, you’ll find yourself in need of a more physically elevating experience, Mountain Biking in the Shai Hills would be worthwhile.

For more places to see and things to do in Ghana, see a list of suggestions here.

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