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Explore the Pleasures of the Gold Coast at Labadi Beach


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Sep 07, 2019
Its official name La Pleasure Beach appropriately denotes what Labadi Beach has to offer. It’s an all-access pass to Accra’s vibes.


La Road, Accra, Ghana

Entrance Fee:

Visitors to the beach pay a token - GH¢10 (about US $2), however, access is free to guests of the Labadi Beach Hotel.

Opening Hours: 

Labadi Beach is open 24 hours every day.

La Pleasure Beach, more popularly known as Labadi Beach is the most popular beach in Accra. The shore, dotted with sparse coconut trees features a variety of activities. On offer is good food and music and experiences that would sate the culture lover, foodie and nightlife adventurer. 

How To Get To Labadi Beach?

Labadi Beach is close to Kotoka International Airport so if you’re lodging close to the airport, you would be able to get a cab straight to Labadi Beach. As it is very popular, you can also use a ride-hailing service.

Know Before You Go

  • Weekends are beach days in Accra so if you'd like to avoid the crowd go on a weekday

  • It's best to go with local currency

What To Do At Labadi Beach?

Image: @natsjustnats

Eat the Local Delicacy

The Beach is littered with stalls where you can buy local delicacies and drinks. Of special treat is the charcoal-grilled fish and kebab; have a taste of the much talked about Ghanaian Jollof, and find yourself in the middle of Africa's food banter. You can even learn how it’s cooked here.

Local drinks and beers including Akpeteshie, Ghana’s national spirit are on sale at very cheap prices. Complete your foodie exploration by having an Accra through my belly experience.


"Interesting place if you love the sea, the sight of canoes and fishermen. Not a bad location for outdoor occasions. A variety of local and foreign [food] available on sale. Drinks are available on sale too. Horse rides along the beach and quad bike rides are available. Lifeguards posts at every 500m distance along the beach. Swimsuits also available on sale. There's an entry fee though." - Kojo Amonoo Ayanful, Google Local Guide

Image: @macnoble101

Sightsee and Ride a Horse or an ATV

Labadi Beach has a lot of activities to offer, from sellers marketing their wares to acrobats displaying their skills, and you’d make great long-lasting memories here. Get your inner rider on on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or on a horse along the water. Watch a local artist create intriguing sand sculptures. 

Image: @artistadawntree


"This is one of my favorite Beach Resort in Accra, Ghana. There's a lot of activities for one to do once in the beach area. Swimming, snorkeling, playing pool and darts, beach soccer and table tennis to mention but a few. I recommend it to tourists coming into Ghana for the first time." - Henry Nikora, Google Local Guide

Image: @a.ko.1738

"Labadi beach is a popular water tourist site in the heart of Accra, Ghana. There are lots of people here from different parts of the world. One of the most interesting attractions for me was the man who makes sand sculptures. I had to tip him for a great job. There's a horse ride, all terrain vehicle for rent and all types of drinks too - the beers taste good too. The hot barbecue, coconut and food.  It was fun getting my feet wet and getting under the canopy to watch a live performance. There's a car park and restroom here. Wheelchair access but the sands could pose a little challenge though. If you are in Accra, do find time to visit here." - Emeka Ulor, Google Local Guide

Image: @theonlywayisghana

"Gotta love the Labadi beach sand sculptures during the festive season in GhanaGhana Amazing talent star-struckOK hand"- @theonlywayisghana

Enjoy the Biggest Beach Party

Turn up at one of Accra’s most popular hotspots. At Labadi beach, experience Accra's top live bands, artists and DJs. You’re assured of a great time any day of the week. Want an insider’s insights into the nightlife scene? Explore Accra’s Nightlife like a VIP in this VIP Nightlife Experience, and get an insider to guide you into Accra’s nightlife.

Image: @snap_a_lotty


"Simply [the] perfect time to share with friends or loved ones! Chilled beer! Excellent kebabs and tasty food! Live bands on Wednesday and especial environment!!!" - Jany Diaz Fernandez, Google Local Guide

Image: @mista_wallizz

Meet Up With Friends or Relax Solo

Labadi Beach is a great place to catch up with old friends or meet new ones. Solo adventurers will also find quality activities to partake in.

Relax by the beach and watch as the waves crash against the shore. Catch up with friends over a range of local and continental dishes and get your foot loose in an all-night rave.


"Visited on a warm afternoon looking to have a good time. I wasn't disappointed. Labadi beach is one of Accra's most popular beaches, it has a public area and a private area for visitors that need peace and tranquillity. It was overall a great time out." - Shopee A, Google Local Guide

"This is a lovely place to spend quality time alone or with friends and family. It's located in about 40 minutes drive away from Accra City, Ghana. There's lodging just around it if you decide to stay the night.

Great food and drinks at affordable rates. I was here during the Christmas festive period so the crowd was off the hook, even with that I enjoyed the view and music from vendors around.

Gate fee is required for entrance, I'm not sure about off-peak periods. Overall it's a nice place and a must see if you like outdoor settings." - Kenneth Aikhomu, Google Local Guide

Buy Artifacts at the Art Stores

The beach also hosts art stores where you can get mementos of your trip. Items such as krobo beads, African prints, and masks. As with a lot of cultural items, Ghana’s masks and antiques have depth and meaning,

explore and chat with collectors of traditional African masks to learn about their history and meaning.

Image: @labadibeachhotel


"One of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to. Serene and lovely. Free if you are lodged in the hotel." - Olamide Egbayelo, Google Local Guide

For more places to see and things to do in Ghana, see a list of suggestions here.

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