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5 Best Food Experiences in Africa


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Jun 20, 2019
Let’s face it, half of your travel is spent finding the best place to get your #NomNom on. Whether you’re trying to get the best of local fare or trying to see what hot local chefs are coming up with — food is life, especially in Africa with all its ...


Let’s face it, half of your travel is spent finding the best place to get your #NomNom on. Whether you’re trying to get the best of local fare or trying to see what hot local chefs are coming up with — food is life, especially in Africa with all its wonderful flavours and cooking styles.

We could hit you with another top 10 restaurants in [fill in the blank] list but then we’d sort of be like everyone else now wouldn’t we?

How about this — a collection of secret foodie haunts, pop-up restaurants, and food clubs in some of our favourite cities. Let your tastebuds thank us later.


photo courtesy of Elle South Africa


Psssst…can you keep a secret? Well, we have one for daring eaters seeking an underground dining experience. It’s by invite only, but we’ve got the deets. Shhhh. Don’t tell!

As its name implies, SecretEATS hosts secret dinner parties in different locations with different participants around South Africa a few times a month. Guest chefs take over a location that is not revealed until the day of the meal. To nab an invite, sign up on the SecretEATS website

If you happen to score an invite, you pay for your ticket in advance and (im)patiently wait for the big reveal. On the day of the dinner, you’ll receive text messages throughout the day disclosing the location and further information about the event.

Once you’ve used the secret password for entry, you’ll sip on a welcome cocktail which is followed by a delectable multi-course dinner paired with the finest South African wines.


Midunu’s monthly nomadic pop-up

Midunu Nomadic Dining

How about a monthly pop-up dinner series that takes place in locations across Accra that isn’t disclosed until the day before the meal.

Midunu guests enjoy a brief cocktail hour with passed canapés, followed by a themed four-course meal that pays homage to the diverse flavour profiles of food from across the continent.

During this exclusive dining experience, you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with other foodies and gain insider knowledge on African culinary heritage from Chef Selassie and team.

tasting new treats from Midunu


Instagram user @shidi_kamonski in a snap @ Gizani


Swahili for ‘In the dark’, is a weekly dining-in-the-dark concept that takes you inside the world of the visually impaired wait staff for an evening.

Patrons dine in a pitch black setting throughout the experience. Without sight, you’ll have to rely on your heightened senses of smell, touch, and taste to experience the global dishes and spirits being served which remain mysteries until the end of the dinner.


Eat.Drink.Lagos is a food blog featuring the culinary discoveries and experiences of bloggers Folly and Nosa. Together they give an insider’s look into Lagos’ food culture with the mission of helping locals and travellers have the best food experiences.

Each month they host curated food experiences such as The Lunch Club and Sunday Brunch Party.


Diner en Blanc 

A next-level flash-mob picnic where diners dress in their best white attire has made its way to the continent. Kigali was the maiden destination and holds its iteration every August. 

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