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5 Dance Videos That Will Get You Ready For Your Trip To Ghana


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Jun 06, 2019
If you're a frequent traveler you know that awkward moment on the dance floor when the local song that EVERYBODY goes crazy to comes on and you the foreigner don't know what to do. We're trying to help you get ahead of that moment by sharing the top songs and dance moves that are bound to bump in the nightclub in Ghana.

When in Ghana, do as the Ghanaians do!

If you thought Africa was all about traditional dance and lacked a sense of TURN UP, then you’ve got to think again!

We’re all about that Ghanaian dance vibe and our ‘Chale, Turn Up’ playlist emphasizes this to the core! However, in order for us to fully turn up to the playlist, getting rid of those two left feet is vital! Set some motion in our hips to get moving like Ghanaians effortlessly do.

To get this moving, we’ve identified 5 Ghanaian dances that we think are worth perfecting before anyone’s next trip or visit to Ghana. We’re talking about Ghanaian dances that will give you a spur of inspiration to catch the ‘Chale, Turn Up’ vibe and have you fit into the Chale Wote festival seamlessly.

Well, here are our top 5 Ghanaian dance videos that you could get that spur of inspiration from before you head to Ghana:

1. Antenna: Video by Fuse ODG & Wyclef Jean

2. Azonto:

Fuse ODG feat. Tiffany — “Azonto”

3. Telemo: Tutorial by Gasmilla

4. Shoki & Dab:

“Shoki for me and Dab” — Eugy | Tutorial by Petit Afro

5. Go Higher:

Stonebwoy Dance Video by Level 5

So our little bit of advice to experience an ultimate Ghanaian ‘Chale, Turn Up’ vibe and to move as effortlessly as the Ghanaians do before you head to Ghana, set your feet in motion and cop some of these dance moves pronto!

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