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16 Instagram Worthy Spots To Visit in Johannesburg


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Jun 04, 2019
Johannesburg is decidedly one of Africa’s most formidable creative hubs. With a generation of young people coming of age in post-Apartheid South Africa there is inspiration for days. As a visitor — you can capture this and much more with the simple snap of a shutter (mobile or otherwise). Here’s our list of the moments you’ll want to create and keep forever. We’ve broken this up by neighborhood because we’re charitable like that.

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Braamfontein

The Neighbourgoods Sign

So what our favourite market is now decidedly known by everyone. It’s still a super cute way to spend your Saturday and a well lit shot in the entryway is the perfect way to mark your arrival.

Bonus: capture some Instagram video feed action of the Zulu dancers that arrive mid-afternoon.

Address: 73 Juta Street
Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

Neighbourgoods Sign in Braamfontein

Neighbourgoods Rooftop

Summer in Johannesburg (October — February-ish) means musicians on the rooftop of Neighborgoods and a great aerial view of Shepard Fairey’s “The Purple Shall Govern” Mandela mural.

Address: 73 Juta Street
Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

View of “The People Shall Govern” from the rooftop of Neighbourgoods Market

Any Grafitti Wall — Anywhere

Braam is packed with Grafitti from both local and international artists. Find sprawling pieces packed with color and pair them with simple neutrals to make photos pop like one of our Joburg Faves @twiggymoli

courtesy of @twiggymoli on Instagram

The Braamfontein Sign

Yes it’s kind of cheesy but this neighborhood marker is anything but that.

photo courtesy of @tnielleb on Instagram


The exclusive nightclub has one of the best views of the city day or night. Seated on top of the South Point Towers the club boasts 360-degree views of Jozi. Now you just have to get on someone’s list and get behind the velvet rope.

Address: South Point Towers,
41 De Kort St.

photo courtesy of @theycallmefancy on Instagram

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Newtown

Nelson Mandela Bridge

We prefer photos taken from the Newtown side of the bridge as you can capture both the bridge’s suspension architecture and the bustle of the CBD.

If you catch a shot just after dawn you can beat traffic and get something special while standing between the roadway.

View from under the Mandela bridge

Workshop New Town

Housed inside of potato sheds from 1911, Workshop Newtown is an innovative retails space filled with some of South Africa’s best local fashion and lifestyle brands. Our faves include Maria McCloy, Dr Pachanga, Kisua, and Maxhosa by Laduna.

Have your very own photoshoot in some of the most stylish digs in the word and be sure to bring some pieces home with you!

Address: Gwigwi Mrwebi St & Miriam Makeba Street,

Designer Maria McCloy at her space in Workshop Newtown

The Freeway Bridge

Newtown is renowned as an art and culture hub more than it’s gentrified neighbour Maboneng. It’s got all the grit that you’d expect in an up and coming place and that includes some epic graffiti.

Just under the Freeway lies a treasure trove of graffiti covering every support, wall, and alleyway in this section of Newtown.

Twiggy Moli at the PUMA Instameet Newtown

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Maboneng

Market on Main

If you immediately want to let the world know that Jozi is one of the dopest cities on the planet takes a snap inside the bustling Market on Main.

From the noshable food from local chefs and producers to its super lit courtyard where you’ll find beautiful people full of style.

Market on Main has a night market on Thursdays and you can check out its full splendour every Sunday.

Address: 264 Fox St. Johannesburg

Maboneng Sign

If you’re game for playing dodgeball with cars to get your perfect shot, get a snap under the Maboneng sign on Fox St. This is not for selfies…bring your own photographer or ask a stranger to get this one.

Address: Fox St. Johannesburg.

Courtesy of @xostopherwallace on Instagram

Poolside Jozi

During the Jozi summer, Poolside is a great vibe to have cocktails, simple but delicious food, and people watch. The owner is laid back but meticulous about style and the buzz of his place.

Address: 281 Commissioner Street, Maboneng.


Friends at Poolside Jozi

Living Room

Part eco cafe, part dance venue, the Living Room boasts an amazing view of downtown Johannesburg, perched high above Maboneng you can peep both people and architecture while vibing out to some deep house and banging cocktails.

Address: 20 Kruger St. Johannesburg.

courtesy of Kiva.org blog

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Sandton

Radisson Blu Sandton

The rooftop pool here is beautiful in and of itself but the expansive view is unbeatable. With no windows or obstructions to block your view — you can sunbathe in style while taking in one of Joburg’s posh neighbourhoods.

Rooftop views at the Radisson Blu Sandton

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Soweto

Vilakazi Street

Soweto has moved beyond “Sarafina” and into its new school swag with restaurants, shops, and people along this street. On Sundays, Soweto’s cool kids can be found sitting down at outdoor cafes while the “daddy’s” are rolling by in their 3 series BMW’s and such.

Best day to go: Sundays

Vilakazi Street, Soweto

Orlando Towers

Who knew nuclear cooling towers could be so functional. Now a Soweto landmark, the Orlando Towers are covered in one of South Africa’s largest murals and are also used for bungee jumping.

The best shots are taken by standing a ways away from the towers in order to get a full capture, otherwise, a close up perfectly selfies stickable (new word alert).

Bungee Jumping From Orlando Towers in Soweto

Locrate Market

Much more local and packed with cool, Soweto’s Sunday market is far away from the crowds of Neighborgoods but packed with doses of Soweto’s emerging creative crowd, fashion, and good eats.

Bites at Locrate Market

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