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Kampala is known for its buzzing nightlife – the turn up starts on Wednesday through to Sunday and venues stay open as long as customers are still drinking. The city has a hangout for everyone, but Kampala’s social scene continuously craves something new. Promoters react to this demand by launching new theme nights – and opening new bars and clubs to replace the ones that lose their hype. The Pearl Guide, however, chose to take a different approach: when mainland became too mainstream, they took the turn up to an island.

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This innovative start-up helping locals experience premium Uganda, responded to the demand for something new and exclusive with Intimania: a two-day destination party on a remote island in Lake Victoria. The turn up started as soon as we embarked the party boat to the island (DJ and bar on deck) – and then for two days, 120 party guests took over One Minute South, an exclusive cliff top villa and 200m beach front located on Bulago Island, with palm trees, cliff top views of the lake, large green lawns, a sand volleyball court, swimming pool and all the necessities for an escape from the city.

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The Pearl Guide equipped the island with a bar, sound system (including silent disco gear), tents and a line up of 6 carefully curated DJs with the same agenda – to deliver a set that transcends the typical Kampala night playlist. Think less radio top 40, and more nostalgic hip-hop and R’n’B throwbacks, mixed with classic trap, afro-house, dancehall and the freshest afrobeats.

The general itinerary for the weekend was to sway wherever the vibes took you. Take a dip in the pool; explore the island; play beach football; engage in a deep conversation by the fire; get the muchomo (roasted meat) guy to roast you a midnight snack; lose yourself to dance; sleep or don’t sleep; catch the sunrise – all as the DJs rotate.

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We spoke to The Pearl Guide team about why they thought Uganda needed a niche experience like Intimania, and they expressed that “one of the most gainful ways to sell the country (to Ugandans, and to the globe) is by taking time to design uncommon immersive experiences that make lasting impressions.”

Phillip, the Business Development Manager, believes that Uganda’s urban contemporary millennial is not only ‘curious’ but also best equipped to tell Uganda’s story – so, the Pearl Guide wants to give this person stories to tell. “Intimania is a way to tap into Uganda’s thriving nightlife while remaining true to our mission of showcasing the country,” Phillip added, further confirming that Intimania will always be a Destination Party.

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Whilst this first edition of Intimania was indeed intimate and manic to the perfect degree (hence the name Intimania), there’s no doubt that social media posts evoked FOMO (fear of missing out) for the next edition, amongst those who didn’t attend. We’ll wait to see if the second edition (set for later this year) can be just as dope, even if increasing numbers kill its exclusivity. We’re not mad though – Pearl Guide, we think you’re on to something big.

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