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The Return: Cape Coast Castle Experience

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Accra, Ghana   |   12 Total hours
$149 per guest
About this experience
Cape Coast and Elmina Castles are two of the largest remaining structures symbolizing the last point of contact for millions of Africans who left the continent to be enslaved across the Americas. This experience includes a tour of the castles, a historical walking tour of Cape Coast where the vestiges of the slave trade remain, lunch, and a reflection and naming ceremony for those commemorating their return to the motherland.
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What's included
Roundtrip Transport from Accra, Entrance to Cape Coast and Elmina Castles, Naming Ceremony, Expert Guide, Oceanfront Lunch, Water

Curated by:

About your Curator, Sebastian Tettey
Sebastian Johnson Tettey is a fully licensed, professional tour guide since 2000. In the Central Region, and especially in Cape Coast & Elmina, My passion has always been history and art, not only theoretically but also practically. In my job I love to transfer to my guest my love for the art, the history and the traditions of my home town Cape Coast so that they can really feel it as it is. I have expertise customer service. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Cape Coast.
Walk The Journey
6:00am - 6:00pm
A tour of Cape Coast and Elmina castles is a journey back to a time which fundamentally changed the world. Your expert guide will share the history of the slave trade, the significance of the castles, and the impact of this time in history on Ghana today.
12 Total hours
Oxford street Mall, Osu


Antoinette Alexander
24 Jan, 2019
This experience is hard to explain with words but I will try. We learn so much more than any educational institution I've attended. The feeling you runs through you as you stand in the room that contained slaves that were in trouble and kept there to death is incomparable. This experience stays with you long after you leave. What an experience. It included a drive through the beautiful land, tour guide experience at both castles, naming ceremony, and lunch by the coast. If you visit Accra, you must go!
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26 Mar, 2019
Sebastian did an excellent service with this experience. He was very engaging, impactful and informative. He is really passionate in his craft and it shows. I would highly recommend this experience. TasteMakers + Sebastian is a winning combination.
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Where We'll Meet
Oxford street Mall, Osu

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