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Nima market street food Crawl

Accra, Ghana
$50 per guest

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3 hours
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When you ask people what their impression of a place is, one of the first things they will talk about is food.I have had some amazing meals in my life but the most memorable food experiences have been from street vendors. There is beauty in street food culture at Nima market which makes exploring the corners of Nima interesting. Nima is the north of the city center and has a lot of migrants from the north of Ghana living and doing their businesses within the community. The most common language spoken is Hausa. There is so much inspiration and stories about the market that I’m fascinated about, from vegetable stands to display of luscious aroma of spices. The beauty and appreciation of food hinges on not just the taste but also on the health benefits of the foods consumed. Nima is a great place to sample the yummiest northern staples made with the freshest ingredients in front of you which makes you more comfortable and the closeness encourages conversation. As a traveller, you want to experience all that you can from the country you find yourself in and connect with the locals. Join me !
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    Meet Your Curator

    Fatmata Binta was born and raised in freetown Sierra Leone to first generation Sierra Leonean Fulanis of Guinean descent. She describes herself as the Fulani Chef, a classic nomad. She has traveled to several continents and has worked with many African chefs. She’s also been featured on several TV shows and media outlets across the African continents. She is now based in Accra, Ghana where she is building a rich culinary experience through her Fulani traditional dining pop ups. Her vision is to promote Fulani culture through food, bring people closer and to promote african cuisine to the world.
    Nima market street food Crawl
    Accra, Ghana
    Hosted By
    Fatmata Binta

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    Here's What We'll Be Doing

    1. Taste natural herbs of high medicinal values.
    2. Taste variety of locally made natural teas and drinks

    Where we'll meet

    Where We'll Meet
    Koala shopping, Osu

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