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Jamestown Art and Culture Tour

Accra, Ghana
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Explore Jamestown, Ghana's oldest neighborhood and the home to West Africa's largest street festival. You'll see the impact of British colonial rule in this stronghood of Ga culture. This experience offers an inside look into an area working to find its place in the ever changing surroundings of Accra. Parts of Jamestown is suffering economic blight but the community is still striving - you'll learn and discover from someone born and raised here while respecting the people you'll meet.
What's included
    Meet Your Curator

    Nii was born and raised in Jamestown and has been a central part of it's revitalization. He owns both a tour company and an art and fashion boutique in the neighborhood and serves as the Communications Director for the West Africa Tour Guides Association.
    Jamestown Art and Culture Tour
    Accra, Ghana
    Hosted By
    Nii Marma Marquaye

    A closer look at Jamestown Art and Culture Tour

    Here's What We'll Be Doing

    1. The first part of your walk will take you through the British forts that "protected" Accra during colonial occupation. These forts also served as outposts for the transatlantic trade and serviced ships and other goods. Most have been preserved and museums are now under development.
    2. Jamestown is home to West Africa's largest street art festival which brings thousands of people to the neighborhood each August. Local and visiting artists prepare installations that last long after the festival ends. You can explore the ever-changing street gallery and the artists whom left their imprint on the neighborhood.
    3. Currently the tallest structure in Jamestown and the subject of plenty of political quarreling the lighthouse is the most easily identified point in Jamestown. Learn its significance, meet the gatekeepers, and get an epic view of the Ghana coastline and Accra Central Business District.

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