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Corn Bread & Greens: Jozi Style

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Johannesburg, South Africa
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In popular culture cornbread and greens are often tied to the African American food tradition of the southern United States, however this tradition took root first in Africa where maize and green vegetables were often the main staple foods across the continent. Enter Viva, a photographer and cultural preservationist who has a passion for cooking. True to migrant culture, Viva and his family brought their family's recipes with them when they moved to Soweto. Corn bread for him has turned from a means for survival to an art form you surely want to experience.
What's included
    Meet Your Curator

    Viva is the founder of Project Inflamed, a fashion and photography movement in the inner city focusing on street art. Working in collaboration with other South African creatives, Viva's experiences touch on his history as a migrant in South Africa, as a young artist, and storyteller, and as a person deeply centered in the human experience.
    Corn Bread & Greens: Jozi Style
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Hosted By
    Viva Sage Thabethe
    1 Review

    A closer look at Corn Bread & Greens: Jozi Style

    Here's What We'll Be Doing

    1. Viva will take you on a tour of all transportation hubs of Johannesburg. You will then board the most common of all: The Joburg Taxi to the biggest taxi rank in town.
    2. Get to learn Viva's family's corn bread recipe and enjoy corn bread dishes curated before your eyes.
    3. The photographer in Viva will not let any of your fun go un-captured. Boasting a huge following on his photography page, Viva is sure to sort your Instagram posts out with amazing content.


    19 Mar, 2019
    Viva might be one of the most stylish people I've ever met but his true charm lies in his hospitality. Learning about his family heritage, his love for his mom, and experiencing that amazing cornbread made me feel like I was truly with a friend in Johannesburg.
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    Where we'll meet

    Where We'll Meet
    Maboneng Johannesburg

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