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Art In The Townships

Cape Town, South Africa
$75 per guest

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9:00 AM
4 hours
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Visit one of Cape Town's largest townships and discover how young artists are creating opportunity in the most unlikely places. You'll do in-studio visits, see community projects, and have the chance to give back in a way that is meaningful and sustainable.
What's included
    Meet Your Curator

    A Street Artist and South African import, Juma hails from the beachside township of Khaleytsia and is passionate about disrupting the township narrative of despair.
    Art In The Townships
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Hosted By
    Juma Mkwela

    A closer look at Art In The Townships

    Here's What We'll Be Doing

    1. Visit artists inside their home studios to discover what's happening in the township beyond the media gaze. Talk to the artists and support their work with pieces that inspire you.
    2. Visit art-focused community programming and learn how creativity is being used to foster hope and collaboration.
    3. "Happy Beach" is far beyond the walls of Cape Towns multimillion dollar homes but is stunning no less. It's the local beach with music booming from car stereo speakers, drinks flowing, and the water waiting for you.

    Where we'll meet

    Where We'll Meet
    Woodstock Exchange

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