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A Voyage Through Gullah Cuisine

Atlanta, United States
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Join Chef Pamela D. Jones on a lesson in African American heritage and history over food. You'll be treated to a four course traditional gullah meal complete with tips and tricks to making the dishes on your own. Here's the menu: Appetizer #1: Boiled Peanuts Salted boiled peanuts were named the Official Snack of South Carolina. Our family grew peanuts on our farm when I was a child. It was so interesting to see how they were harvested from the ground and dried out on a bed spread in one of my grandmother’s bedrooms and then boiled in large batches and given to neighbors as gifts! Appetizer #2: Frogmore Stew (aka Low Country Boil) Although there are many versions of this dish around, the name Frogmore Stew was coined in the 1960s by Richard Gay, one of the owners of Gay Fish Company, circa 1948, on St. Helena Island. It has sausage, shrimp, potatoes and corn for an all-in-one pot all-you-can-eat buffet!" **Vegetarian option is available - succotash: tomatoes, lima beans, okra and corn Entree : Fried Catfish, Red rice with smoked sausage, Collards Greens, Cornbread & Pot Liquor Red Rice and Sausage is a staple in the Southern United States, especially in the coastal areas of Charleston, SC, and Savannah, Ga.. In Charleston, red rice and sausage is a way of life. It’s eaten with many different types of meals, but especially seafood. * *Vegetarian Option is available, no sausage** One of the ways that the slaves made the most out of the vegetable scraps that were given to them was to drink what is called the “ pot likker ” or “ pot liquor ”, i.e., the water that’s leftover in the pot after the collards are cooked, a slight greenish hue. Pot Liquor is traditionally eaten with cornbread. **Vegetarian Option is available - collard greens and/or roasted cabbage** Homemade Cornbread is a perfect accompaniment for collards greens and pot liquor. Dessert : Blackberry Dumplings This recipe for Blackberries and Dumplings has been one of my favorites since childhood. I can remember my Mama making blackberries and dumplings with wild blackberries we picked from the field. Condiments : Homemade Tartar Sauce - for catfish, Southern Chow Chow - for anything you want Honey Butter - for cornbread, Texas Pete Hot Sauce - for fish
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amela D. Jones was born and raised in Cross, South Carolina a little town 30 miles outside of the Gullah Region in Charleston, S.C. Pamela has always had a love for cooking since childhood. Being the oldest of four girls and having two working parents, she was held responsible for preparing meals for her 3 younger sisters. After graduating from Morris College where she received her B.S. in Business Administration, she moved to Atlanta, GA where she has lived for the past 24 years. Pamela’s love for cooking has stayed with her as she always hosted Sunday dinners at house. After much encouragement from family and friends Pamela decided to start her own catering business and thus Taste of Satira was born. Her catering business offers boutique catering services, along with weekly meal preparation and basic cooking skills. She named her business after her great-grandmother Satira Gethers. Pamela remembers watching her great-grandmother in kitchen as a little girl teaching her 8 aunts how to prepare Gullah cuisine. Pamela loves to explore all different kinds of cuisines but she always goes back to her roots of Gullah Geechee cuisine. Preparing the food that her grand mother & great-grandmother taught her and her daughters, always reminds her of family and how much her family enjoyed preparing and sharing meals together. Pamela has adopted her great-grandmother’s mantra “Let me love you with my Food!”
A Voyage Through Gullah Cuisine
Hosted By
Pamela Jones

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