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Africa and the Diaspora come together for one virtual summit to plot our path to greatness and go beyond the year of return. 

Jul 05, 2020

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The Thread

Conversations Beyond The Return


A virtual community event that’ll keep you inspired, entertained, and prepared for the possibilities ahead.

The Thread is a gathering of leaders, makers, and doers in Africa and throughout the diaspora sharing resources, strategies, and best practices for thriving and winning together in a post COVID-19 era.

No need to spend $1,000s on travel or take time off, come with your passion, love and desire to learn and connect with people committed to Pan-African approaches to success and well-being.

✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿The most epic gathering of our people all in one (virtual) place.
🌍Join from anywhere!

Here’s What to Expect


Covering art, tech, finance, entertainment, spirituality, and more we have world class speakers on deck.


Virtual 1:1 video speed networking sessions, a virtual expo for black businesses, and community generated breakouts.

Live Q&A

A moderated live chat runs throughout the event making sure you’re apart of the conversation.

Live DJ

DJ Young Wavy Fox will be spinning a diasporic set with afrobeats, hip hop, trap, reggae, baile funk, grime, and more

Sessions + Speakers

Previous Speakers

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