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South Africa

Visiting Johannesburg

Johannesburg also known as Jozi or Joburg is one of the largest cities in the world. With a deep and rich history, vibrant art and culture scene, and global influence it's a bustling hub on the continent. We love Joburg culture for its style, willingness to push boundaries, and progressive nature. It feels like Afro-futures the minute you touch down in this city with its alternative scenes, urban landscape, and the energy that fills the cities revitalized spaces like Braamfontein and Maboneng.

Tips for Traveling to Johannesburg

US citizens don't need a visa for South Africa but those coming from within the continent should apply for visas early as South Africa is known to take time. When trying to get around, Uber works but be alert, conflicts with local taxi drivers can make the service unsafe, especially late at night. Johannesburg is a sprawling city so you'll want to pick a place to stay that's closest to what you'll be doing. Many people stay in Sandton but find that they are trekking into town constantly for restaurants and entertainment.

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