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Visiting Dakar

Dakar is a magical city by the sea on the westernmost point in Africa. Deep traditions of the Wolof and Fulani people are met with French and Muslim influences to create a unique and enchanting destination. Bucket list stops like Goree Island and Lake Rose are matched with an unbeatable arts, culture, and food scene that will entice any traveler. Brush up on your French and Wolof and make Dakar your next stop.

Tips for Traveling to Dakar

No visa is required to enter Senegal which makes it a super easy place to get access. Transport in country is another thing, Uber is not operational here and the taxis can smell a tourist a mile a way. Most places in town should not cost more than 2,000CFA (West African Francs) but drivers will sometimes start out telling you 10,000CFA to go to even the closest point - bargain and be prepared to walk away. Most businesses operate on a cash only basis so prepare to have plenty of CFA, on deck. Dakar is safe with the biggest threat being petty crime and pickpocketing at the markets, it's a very walkable city which is rare in West Africa, so one should definitely take advantage of that.

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