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Visiting Paris

The city of lights and the dream destination of hopeless romantics everywhere is also home to the largest population of people of African descent in all of Europe. From Josephine Baker and James Baldwin's explorations of Paris as an escape from Jim Crow persecution to the influx of African immigrants from Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast and other former colonial countries - black influence on the city and it's many subcultures offer a glimpse into being Parisian that might be missed if you only look on the surface.

Tips for Traveling to Paris

Paris offers more than meets the eye and that's already a sensory overload. Once you've checked off your bucket list like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, get into Parisian culture especially of the melanated variety. From the rich tradition of African American scholars and artists fleeing to France to the modern day community of French Caribbeans and African communities making this beautiful city more vibrant, get a dose of the Paris you don't see in the brochure.

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