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Careers at Tastemakers

Disrupting The Narrative

Tastemakers Africa is a team of travel and technology experts working hard to connect people to the world in the most authentic ways possible. We are equally the "keepers of the cool" and “disruptors” with an intent to make it easy for people to connect to culture-forward experiences celebrating Africa and its diaspora while disrupting narratives that keep us separated by our differences. We value hard work, collaboration, and innovation. We don't just support travelers, entrepreneurs, and creators: we are them. Tastemakers is building community, fueling passions, and creating sustainable change in a way that values both the visitor and the resident. We pride ourselves on our values, including:

  • Ambition with Integrity
  • Experimentation with Intentionality
  • Ideation with Creativity
  • Design with Representation
  • Curiosity in Culture
  • Growth with Community

Why Work at Tastemakers?

Working at Tastemakers is an opportunity to join a small team with huge ambitions. We work within a community of passionate travelers like no other. We are venture-backed and and we work for the most interesting creators, makers, and artists all over the world. And we work on the most interesting problems in travel using technology. You might be a great fit if you:

  • Work well independently, but even better on a team
  • Are good at exceeding goals, and great at defining them
  • Can quickly move between the big picture and the smallest details
  • Are self-motivated and keen on solving problems rather than passing them on
  • Have conviction that greatness lies everywhere 
  • Are passionate and/or curious about black culture globally
  • Believe that understanding and experiencing culture can change the world for the better

Our success is measured by how many travelers we send across the world and how many underrepresented tourism and lifestyle entrepreneurs join our mission. Through our work, we will create a “home” for people looking to be acknowledged for who they are and a safe space for those looking to explore their dynamic contributions to society.

The Perks of Being a Tastemaker

Startup Mindset

Well-defined goals, unknown solutions, and a huge opportunity to take ownership of our mission.

Team Conferences in Africa

Our entire team meets once a year somewhere in Africa to vacation: we call it quality assurance đŸ˜‰.

Experience Credits

Tastemakers platform credits to use on experiences all over the world. Feel free to use them on yourself or gift away.

Flexible Vacation Policy

Flexible vacation policy, standard holidays in your home country (well, the ones that aren't all about colonialism😔), and three weeks of paid time off.

Health Insurance

100% covered health insurance for you and your family.

Transportation Credits

Wether you're scouting all over Johannesburg for local artists or jumping on the train in New York to make team stand-up, all work transportation is covered.

Educational Opportunities

We are a team set up to learn from each other constantly. We also believe in getting ourselves in front of the bigger community - including tech, travel, and startup conferences.

Monthly Happy Hours

Our team comes together in cities across the world for team happy hours that might be the most global post-work hang out you'll ever see.

Amazing Coworkers 🙌

You'll work alongside some of the coolest people we know (if we do say so ourselves).

Our Openings

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