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Disrupting The Narrative, One Trip At A Time

Tastemakers Africa began as a desire to push back against stereotypes and center people in the African story. As a World Bank staffer looking for ways to connect with the culture, Cheraé Robinson found herself spending countless hours trying to find trusted information on cool things to do in Africa’s growing metropolises. She discovered that people were central to the experience - the artists, creators, and makers she met on her own explorations unlocked an African experience that was being missed by the safari seekers and the world at large. Convinced that millenials and curious travelers were looking for something authentic, she decided to fill the gap.

Called the “sexy, dope way to experience Africa” by Fusion and heralded as an innovator by AFAR, Conde Nast Traveler, CNN, and more Tastemakers offers unique tours created and hosted by a vetted community of local insiders. Ownership is key to our mission and ethos driving 80% of our revenue into the hands of Africa’s young innovators and creatives who are reshaping their worlds. Currently in Accra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg Tastemakers is building community, fueling passions, and creating sustainable change in a way that values both the visitor and the person who calls Africa home.

Do Something Epic

We’re committed to making sure each experience is authentic and amazing, that’s why a member of our team personally walks through each and every tour on our platform. With community at our core, we are in constant contact with our curators whether we’re supporting their latest art exhibition or providing tools to help them up their hosting game. We believe that we’re at our best when we can see each other, in each other.

What started out as an Instagram community posting photos of travelers in Africa unlike what was shared in the mainstream has evolved to hundreds of experiences hosted by some of the most interesting and dynamic people you can find on the planet. You can trust that when you are booking an experience on tastemakersafrica.com you are doing more than a tour, you are immersing yourselves in a fresh, new story of a continent on the rise.

Our Team

Cheraé Robinson
Founder + CEO

Jeremiah Myers
Co-Founder + Head of B2B Trips

Chip Kennedy
Chief Technology Officer

Musa Mashelatfama
Community Manager, Johannesburg

Yayra Agbofah
Community Manager, Accra

Joshlyn Ross
Biz Dev Coordinator

Yemi Johnson
Channel Lead - SEO

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